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API/Custom Synthesis

Timely Delivery with High Quality

Services Offered

Low Cost, High Quality Product Managed and Controlled Through Our US Sites

  • Process Optimization - mg to multi Kg Scale (US and China)
  • cGMP Synthesis for Key Intermediates and API - Up to 40kg Scale (US Only)
  • Bulk Starting Materials and non-GMP Intermediates (Kg to metric tons, China)
  • FTE Research for Process Research (US and China)
  • FTE Research for MedChem (China)
  • Support Impurity and Reference Standard Synthesis
  • DMF, CMC Filing Support
  • Integrated Approaches to Meet Our Customer Needs

Our Specialties

Integrated Approaches for Our Customers

  • Support Various Stages of Drug Development
  • Experienced Process Organic Chemists
  • Experienced Analytical Chemists
  • Experienced Solid State Chemists
  • Well Equipped cGMP Kilo Labs
  • Dedicated and Committed to All Our Valued Customers