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Analytical Services for Clinical Drug Development

Timely Delivery with High Quality

Services Offered

Low Cost, High Quality R&D and GLP/GMP Analytical Services at Our US Sites

  • Analytical Method Development
  • Analytical Method Validation
  • Custom Needs for Method Verification/Qualification per Development Stage
  • GTI Trace Chemical Method Development and Validation
  • GTI Trace Chemical Analysis
  • GLP/GMP Lot Release and COAs
  • Stability Studies and Storage - ICH and Custom Design
  • Chiral Method Development and Analysis
  • GMP Production Support
  • Solid State Chemistry Support
  • Test Method Transfer
  • Identification and Characterization of Impurities
  • DMF, CMC Filing Support
  • Integrated Approaches to Meet Our Customer Needs
Our Specialties

Integrated Analytical Solutions for Our Customers

  • Support Various Stages of Drug Development
  • Experienced Analytical Chemists
  • Experienced Organic Process Chemists
  • Experienced Solid State Chemists
  • State of the Art Instrumentation
  • Dedicated and Committted to All Our Valued Customers
Instrumentation on Site
  • GC-FID
  • GC-ECD
  • GC-MS
  • HS-GC-MS
  • DSC
  • TGA
  • XRPD
  • KF
  • Vapor Sorption Analyzer